The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) with the assistance of other Federal agencies have organized a webinar during which the history, vision and mission of the He Got Up program will be featured. The webinar will be live on Thursday 11/21/2019 at 3:00pm EST.

ONDCP’s Public Health, Education and Treatment Task Force designed this webinar to raise awareness on the importance and utilization of peer-based recovery services and how peers can help people with a history of criminal justice involvement make a successful transition into living a healthy recovery-oriented life. 

The final report of the “President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis,” recommended the expansion of substance use treatment including for individuals with a history of criminal justice involvement.

Furthermore, the Commission recommends Federal agencies to expand problem solving courts such as Drug Courts and Re-entry Courts to assist with re-integration issues and to help former offenders find and maintain recovery. In addition, this webinar dovetails with the Second Chance Act and the First Step Act, as both of these initiatives aim to help formerly incarcerated individuals overcome the challenges associated with re-integration.

Peer-based recovery services are designed to mitigate the incidents of relapse, and help individuals remain committed to the recovery process. This webinar is a deliverable in response to these policy prescriptions, and also adheres to the 2019 National Drug Control Strategy.

The Public Health, Education and Treatment team hopes to utilize this webinar as an opportunity to communicate the Administration’s support for expanding the role of peers in helping individuals achieve recovery and avoid criminal justice recidivism, and to encourage participants to engage in creating and expanding peer-based recovery support programs.

The host, James Carroll, JD,  Director, ONDCP (aka the ‘Drug Czar’) along with Art Kleinschmidt, PhD, Senior Policy Advisor SAMHSA / ONDCP will facilitate the discussion among the following presenters:

Tracey Trautman, MPA, MS, Acting Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Subject Matter Expert 

Tim Johnson, President, Orlando Serve Foundation, Former All-Pro NFL Player & Super Bowl Champion Washington Redskins, National Champion Penn State University

H. Jean Wright, PsyD, Director, Behavioral Health and Justice-Related Services, Forensic Psychologist, Temple University Professor 

Ernie Fletcher, MD, Founder, Fletcher Group: Building Recovery Ecosystems, Former Governor of Kentucky & Psychiatrist

Jon Berg, M.Ed., SAMHSA, Senior Public Health Advisor, Criminal Justice & Re-entry Expert

Those interested in joining may do so by registering at: